Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Follow-up on project

Well, I got the shelf finished. I love it. It's quite different than the original picture because I wanted more shelf on the top and this is the trim D had on hand. He had it all ready and I just puttied holes and painted. The hard part was finding hooks I liked. I tried Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, HobLob and the closest was a nice nickel hook with a square back. I even looked online with very little success. D found these on Rockler (a woodworking site). They were super cheap, which didn't matter but they are plastic and just stick on with double sided tape. That's fine cause I'm not hanging bathrobes on it and I think it would hold up anyway. I love the color and I love how it turned out.

I also painted the old faded oak window sills and want to make cornice boxes around the top of the windows and paint them grey too. This is interesting because I'm not a cool colors girl. I love the warm colors but I'm liking this combination in my bathroom. 

A little about cornice boxes because I knew nothing about them. I've been looking on Houzz.com a lot lately and finding different ideas and styles. I never have known what my style was. I bookmark the pictures I like so when we get ready to remodel the kitchen I can look at pictures and see what I like as far as colors and design. I ran across these cute wooden window treatments that I would call a "wooden valance", my daughter who loves decorating told me they are called cornice boxes. They don't look too hard and D likes new projects even though he has a couple dozen waiting and I may even get out in the shop now that I wont freeze and try doing some of the work myself.
I'm so glad it's finally warm so I feel like doing something. I can't believe how much I just hibernate all winter. It's a good time to read.

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