Wednesday, November 18, 2009


It's hard to get anyone together to do any activity but K and I carved our Jack-O-Lanterns together and CJ came home late and did a quick and easy one on the big pumkin we had saved. Use your imagination for what the N might mean. It is for the school that he goes to but who knows that and who cares. Grrr. Kids.

We had our own "black" cat that liked the excitement of visitors and so stayed crouched on the front steps where people were walking up to the door. She's lucky she didn't get stepped on, it was close. The little neighbor boy was more excited about Kiesha than the candy. He stomped around excitedly and repeated "Mow, Mow" (sounds like cow). So funny

K was little dead riding hood and expected people to know that. Ahh, lost brain cells. Who knew they were so important? She and CJ both went trick or treating even though I've told them both they are now too old. It was a nice night so we did a quick run around the block and were done.