Saturday, April 13, 2013

My Amazing Husband

So I know everyone likes to brag about their husbands but let me tell you a super cool story.
Mr. D always looks at furniture and likes to imagine building it. He started purchasing tools a few years ago and is now quite proficient at woodworking projects. He built this beautiful end table a couple of years ago.

Then he built this wonderful curio cabinet with glass doors and a light. I love it.
When one of the kids moved out we made her room a study. That included closing off the door down the hall and putting in a new door off of the front room. Now we have a conservatory/study so he built these fabulous book shelves. Yes they are kind of junky and cluttered but I love them. I haven't shown any of the fine detail but believe me, it's there. 
Then...I complained requested something other than plastic drawers for my fine lingerie (socks and underwear) in my closet and got this amazing built in dresser. The drawers are all on roller so they move super smooth. Once again, clutter, nevermind that. 
Well, this morning I was looking over my Pinterest pins and found this wonderful shelf I had pinned a few months ago and got all excited. D will be out of town next week and I need a project and a book. Since he had nothing to do but help two people move and mow the lawn and would be left without a car I suggested he just whip this little thing up and I would finish it next week. My question is, how many of you would just happen to have molding already laying around waiting for the project to come up? Well, he does. Not only that but he made the molding himself a couple of months ago. Fabulous!!!
I got home from a grueling day at work (not) and he had this nearly finished! 
Here is a close up of his fine molding. 
I'm so excited. I can't wait to go get paint and hooks and hang this in my bathroom.
I painted my bathroom recently. fifteen years ago it was mauve and white textured with a feather duster. I loved it but it got old. Then, about 7 years ago we had R repaint it a tan. D never did like it, it was too dark for him and we never really finished the fine detail. We decided to brighten it up and use a soft green. I love the color but L says it looks institutional. We still have brass fixtures and the tile has pink and grey tones. It just wasn't blending. But then...I found a color pallet with the light green we already have and multiple greys and I got excited. I'm going to add the grey into the room. I already bought a rose colored towel and rug and I think I'll get the grey towel too. His and Hers.
Funny that I couldn't bring myself to do anything in the winter and already this spring I have finished a quilt, got the top finished on another and worked on redecorating. I needed spring.
finished project coming up!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Finished project

I finally finished a project I began nearly two years ago. It wasn't even that large of a project. First of all I had to get nine different fat quarters that coordinated. That took a suprisingly long time but I enjoyed it. I ended up getting some that didn't coordinate as well so I could probably do another quilt with all I had left. The cutting and arranging is also pretty fun. I saw this in the fabric store a couple of years ago and even shelled out the $$ for the pattern. The one they had done for display was beautiful, the one on the pattern picture, not at all. I should include that picture, hideous. Anyway, loving the fall colors as I do I picked browns, tan, cream and rust. I love the way it turned out and I really love the randomness of the blocks. I was surprised how many times I just screwed this one up. It seemed so easy and I thought I had cut them right but I had to add a couple of half inch pieces to some blocks to make them fit, dumb. Oh well, I love it now.

Then to the quilting itself. I don't do very well machine quilting on my regular sewing machine and I didn't really want a close stitch like you get with a machine quilter even though I have a friend that owes me one quilting job. I just wanted a loose daisy pattern and once again I love it.
It looks great in my living room or my family room. (I must really like these colors)
and it's just a throw size so it's a little bigger than a baby quilt. I can be seen dragging this around with me to watch tv or read a book so it can be found in any room. Did I mention a nap? I really love it for that. I'm excited to finish the others I have started.