Thursday, March 3, 2011

For my Sisters

No, it's not done yet but do you wanna see the progress of our sampler quilt?
Let me remind you that I've been crazy busy and...well...CRAZY!
This thing is a little labor intensive and remember me reminding you all that I had a new blade on my rotary cutter and it's sharp? Well, I had a little delay because of a rotary blade accident. Haha, nothing serious but it stopped me for a while. Anyway, Here it is:

Obviously I have not put the blocks together but see how cool they look all criss-crossy? If I do two more and put a border on it should be plenty big because it's not supposed to fit a bed anyway, it's just a throw.
I love the randomness and the contributions. Believe it or not I have actually sewn several more strips. It really takes a lot of strips. We bought the green and the brown solid fabric and the green just looked a ton better even though I was leaning toward the brown. Anyway, I love it but can't wait to get it done cause I have so many other projects I want to work on. Thanks again for coming and thanks for indulging me in this fun little project.