Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fridays together

Now that the kids are back in school and Daren and I both have Fridays off we are taking little outings together. Since he got his new motorcycle we have been on a couple of rides. Most recently to Antelope Island.
This is the bike right after he got it. Since then he has changed the seat and put on a back rest.
This is the causeway we drive accross to get to the island.
It gets kinda stinky on the Syracuse side.
Just proof that's where we went. haha
There is an old ranch on the island that they keep up for tours, sight-seers and school field trips. This is the old farm house.This is the ice house or spring house. It's built over a spring so it stays cool inside.

They even have one of Utah's famous steel buffalos on the island.

And a visitors center with lots of information and a bathroom!

And lots of buffalo!
This last friday we spent the morning at the Insta-Care for Daren's week long Sinus infection to get checked and medicated and the one before that began our adventure to the Bay area for Daren's nephews wedding. It was a 3 day trip with his parents.
Our camera wasn't working so we have no pictures of that very fun event.
We love spending our Fridays together.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Quilts, Crafts or Clutter

I heard that my favorite craft/fabric store had lost their lease and is closing and everything is 40% off. I had been looking at some of the fabric that I liked but am certainly not ready to use but I bought a quilt pattern so I ran in to look at fabric. Any sewer or crafter know this is dangerous. I couldn't leave.
Most of my relatives who have had a baby have been given a little blanket with crocheted edges. I usually have a few on hand and have one in progress almost always so I checked out the flannel and found these cute little prints.
Then I looked at the fabric I had seen and a few other and proceeded to the cutting table.
Because it's a going out of business sale they will not cut fabric smaller than a yard so I ended up with full yards of all of these.

I did find some fat quarters at Ben Franklin (I sure will miss them) and Joannes that I thought were wonderful. For those of you who aren't quilters. Fat quarters are used in quilting. Instead of buying your fabric in 1/4 yard pieces they are cut in 1/2 yard and then cut the other way so you don't have one long skinny peice but a "fat quarter". (I have a friend that quilts)
The pattern that I bought a few months ago requires 9 fat quarters so 9 different prints.
Aren't these wonderful?
And these too?
Look how great these prints go together!
And how pretty this fabric is.
The problem I'm having is I like 4 or 5 of them together but not any 9 of the 14 together.
I do have some at home I can sort through but...
It looks like another trip to the fabric store.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Guessing game

So... this is the game:
Can you guess what this is?
Here's a hint:
Do you all remember our very cool, trendy (in the 90's) mailbox?
Remember the tilt?
Daren couldn't stand it so he tore it down, reset the paver stones and now
is setting a foundation for his new project.
Now you know what this is, a made from scratch steel mailbox!
Very strong and contemporary.

The funny thing is that several people need our temporary mail-box.