Thursday, June 24, 2010

Family Reunion 2010

This last weekend was a family reunion for my parents and siblings.
This is what a family reunion looks like:
It was held in Paragonah. We also went up Parowan canyon for a picnic where there were more trees and water. However, we were so close to the mountains that our morning walk was a hike in the mountains.
My Dad and oldest sister from California visiting here.

Did I mention that our morning walk was in the mountains? And was 2 hours long?
The first day most of the gang took an assortment of guns out and shot targets.
D likes to shoot.
As many as possible got in on the action.
Some would consider it a shame teaching a sweet little girl to shoot but she learned some important gun safety along with it.This is us in my sisters yard. Great place for a reunion!
Saturday was also our 29th anniversary. We don't usually make too big of a deal of it but we did manage to escape for an hour or so for another shorter hike.
While the majority of the group went shooting the older sisters and Mom took a scenic drive to Cedar Breaks and had a great visit.
Cousins. (second cousins)
It's been called a "redneck reunion" with the guns, 4-wheelers, country atmosphere and dogs but what a fun time us hicks have!
Our family is the greatest!