Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maiden Voyage!

We put the canoe in the water!

We went to Mantua and rowed around for a little while.

B and D tried it first and found out you can't stand in it.

It's not stable like a motor boat.

Of course, having been on many scout camps, they knew that

but I didn't quite grasp that until I got in and felt the wobble. It's water-tight and fast but the stability issue worries me.

I wasn't holding the camera when I was in the canoe so there are no shots of me actually

rowing but I felt the burn in my tricepts so I know I was there.

All-in-all a fun day topped off by a trip to the mall for:
Now I can clean with style!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


He's home and he spoke on Sunday. We had lots of family to greet him.

I didn't get pictures of the grandparents. I really should have

There were kids having fun and playing all over.

Cousins from both sides of the family got together to visit.

The greatest thing is the bond these returned missionaries have with each other.
So many of them came to hear B speak. They were in the living room but when they got their plates they went outside but there wasn't seating out there so they found the stack of lumber against the garage and lined up. My sister-in-law the super photographer came running in and told me to grab the camera. She said this is the cutest thing ever:

We're glad to have him home and glad to have his friends around.
A couple of weeks ago a bunch of these guys were at our house and I commented to D that there wasn't a greater group of 21 year olds. Most kids of this age are causing trouble. These guys compare mission experiences and use thier foreign language skill with each other.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FLORIDA!!! can I stay forever?

This is a bunch of pictures we took in Florida. Daren had a conference there and we stayed at a Disney resort called Shades of Green.
We drove out to Daytona Beach. It was beautiful and you drive right out onto the sand and don't get stuck!
We frolicked about in the Atlantic Ocean. (a first for both of us)

Daren had goals on this trip. One was to see a gator in the wild.
(do you see him?)
We went on a super cool zip-line in the Everglade forest.

It had 7 zip lengths and 2 plank bridges.
We were with a group of 8 people so we got to know some interesting people and had a great time. The temperature was in the mid 90's and super humid. Great!

There were so many different animals all around.

We were so lucky to be near a temple and we are such temple tourists. On the second day we went with another couple from here to the Orlando temple.
That makes 24 different temples for me and 28 for Daren!

Shades of green is a golf resort and our third story room looked out over the tee off of the first hole.
We managed to get a little footage at the zipline!

Definately a successful conference about aircraft maintenace! hehe

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Missionary Home!

Yes he's home!!!Elder B got home May 29 to this:
and this:
and this and more.

He felt rather lost, confused and overwhelmed the first day. The second day he got up and ran for a while. He's adjusting to the lack of structure, companions and oxygen in these mountains.
I did R's hair while everyone else went shopping for things needed after 2 years.
It was R's birthday so we went to Firehouse Pizza!
L and her bro's.

While waiting for our table everyone had to show off their new sandals brought back by L.
Check out her tan after just 3 weeks. We wont recognize her by the end of summer.
It was a fun weekend!
Since then he has been to the eye doctor, dentist and is supposed to get a TB test.