Friday, March 27, 2009


This is my out-door decoration. I am willing it to be spring. I took this picture this morning in 18 degrees. Brrr. It was warm last weekend so we fertilized, tilled and planted peas. It's a good thing we got out while it was warm. Now it's just miserable.

On a good note:

Braden will be home in 9 weeks. This week he went to Mt. Vernon. They had a good time. I think he's learned a little history being able to go to museums and historic sites.

I've reminded him to get some pictures of the cherry blossoms while he's there. This tree, although not a cherry tree, has beautiful blossoms and it's just outside thier apartment. The other picture is from Mt. Vernon. He looks so happy but what's with the hair? He has been obedient but his hair doesn't look the best parted. He's kind of goofy in a sweet his-mother-loves-him kind of way. He just realized this week that the person that will replace him just entered the MTC this week. Does anyone know a young man going to Washington DC South mission speaking spanish? I know one coming home in May!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I had an interesting experience yesterday. I usually teach the "Teaching for our Times" lessons but our month was messed up with conferences and such so I ended up teaching from the Joseph Smith manual. The lesson was on "Living with others in Peace and Harmony" The title sounds fine but the wording was difficult to read, understand and teach. Every time I read it I added a comment or scripture. I finally got to where I felt like it would be ok but had one of those early morning dreams just before waking that my reading glasses were blurry and my reference material (out of a women's magazine, I didn't even have anything out of a women's magazine) was half printed upside-down and the rest normal. Relief Society was also going longer and I had more time to fill. All in all a difficult situation.
I got there on time with an it-is-what-it-is attitude and surprisingly the lesson went very well. I used the questions in the manual and when the comments weren't coming immediately I reminded them that we had a lot of time to fill and I was not moving on until we discussed this. Everyone laughed and from then on we had a lot of participation. I actually ran out of time and had to make my final points quickly. I was so relieved. One more little testimony. We do our part and the Lord makes up the difference.

I had a super busy week and worked a lot of extra hours because I had a sick stylist plus extra church things in the evening. Friday, my day off, I was exhausted and got a few things done but rested a lot. It was so nice to rest. I really did mean to post something earlier but all I've done is work and the gotta do stuff. On to another week!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are Happy

Guess what? The things I like about living in Utah are the things lots of people like and now the whole world knows! I read this article this morning:
I know some key points they missed but that's cause I live here. : )
And to top it off I live in the 6th best suburb in the country so says business week:
Wow! We have so much to LOVE! Happy us!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Honey!

This post is about my amazing, fantastic, sweet, caring, hard-working, loving husband!

It's filled with some very random and kind of old pictures but they tell the story of us!
This is what he looked like when I first met him.
I like muscley men and look at those strong masculine hands. I loved the afro and the car was cute too!
Our first date was a girls choice High School dance. I wrote to him through most of his mission and we were married three months after he returned. He went to school at USU and I went to beauty school (I needed it) We had our first two children there and moved to California where he worked at McDonnell Douglas aircraft and we had our third child (See old post for Laynie) We moved back to Cedar City for five years as a stepping stone to get here in South Weber.
We love spending time together and have gone on some of the greatest hikes in the world! It gets us away from everything else and usually out of cell phone range.

We love kissing
This is on the West rim hike at Zion

He always has cool tricks.
He makes a great seal!

He loves to work in the yard and one year grew a 300 lb. pumkin.
It made a great Budah for Halloween

Here is our family a few years ago. See how little CJ is?
Not anymore! but he still looks like his Dad.

Aww! Now it's us taking a little walk on the beach on the Oregon coast last summer.

D has always made the most rediculous faces. This one is famous.
(I hate it but it's so much a part of him).

He always has a project or seven going on.
This winter it has been a beautiful redwood canoe.
Now he expects me to go on a three day canoe trip.
(we shall see)
Here is a man who likes working with his hands and can build or fix just about anything. He never really enjoyed school but pushed himself through for his family. He has worked hard and taught his children well and been the greatest example in the world of a great Priesthood holder and loving husband and father. I couldn't have found a better husband and I want to spend FOREVER with him!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Enjoy the Days

My days off are usually full of beauty supply stores, bookkeeping, cleaning and grocery shopping. I did some of these on Friday and then Joni came with her three kids. Since Eden is so little and it's cold season she isn't supposed to be taken places to prevent getting sick so what do you do with two restless children who can't leave the house cause their little sister isn't supposed to go out? You go to Aunt Margies. There are different things to do and treats to eat. We made chocolate mice.

And ate them!
Sometimes it's nice to not do anything and enjoy the people in your life!
The laundry got done, later. The cleaning will continue but the chocolate mice will be remembered.