Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Say What?

Last night D and I went to Kohls. It was to be a quick trip so I just grabbed my wallet insert with Drivers license and a couple of debit cards. Walking into the store I commented that not carrying a purse was so liberating. I told D I feel like a man. Then before he thought of anything I went on. It makes me want to pee on a tree.
Rarely does it happen that I think of the quips before him. He laughed all the way into the shoe department.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Moab and more

Ok, not much is happening here, just the regular: work, school, cleaning and yard work. The only thing out of the ordinary is L. She has gone back to Moab to work and undergoing extensive training. Here are some pictures of her training on the "riv":How hard does this look. Yeah, grueling
A full day of cold water, thus the wet suits.
A van-load of fellow trainees and trainers:

Gotta eat - There's no place like Out-law cave:

They're in the water anyway, might as well have fun and pose for a picture.

Serious or play?
Who knows?

This is one of the pets she left, Cuomo, (sorry it's on dark carpet)
Before she left she was busy taking tests and such but noticed one day that Cuomo had gotten out of his tank. She told me the next day and put grocery bags around the corners and crevices of her room so she would hear him slither. It happened to be my day off and I was busy cleaning windows and such, spring cleaning! I moved the couch to get to the windows and there was the renegade snake. Grrrr. I didn't want to be the one to find the thing but I was the only one home. I have held the snake and don't get squeamish but not sure how to go about picking him up. I reached down and got him with two hands but didn't feel like I had control cause I didn't know where his head was. (He doesn't bite and he's only about 14 inches.) Anyway, I dropped him on the couch so Icould get a better grasp and picked him up so I knew where he was and carried him to L's room to put him away. I had both my hands tangled in snake so I had to unwind one and open the tank and while holding the tank open shook the snake loose into the tank. He didn't go completely willingly, he managed to squirt, pee, musk on me just to get me back. YUCK! Anyway I got the snake back and texted L to let her know just before a major test so she was at ease.
I've also been feeding and cleaning up after a turtle for two years. I'm excited to be done with that. There is also a lizard in L's room that she loves and her dad volunteered to care for him while she was gone and then left for a week. I asked CJ to get a cricket and give it to the lizard but he couldn't catch one so he gave it a dead one which he ate gratefully but I knew that wasn't good so it was up to me the next time. I really don't like crickets and don't want to feel them squirming or crawling on me so I brought home a latex glove. (that's thinkin') I could catch them and toss them in without feeling it. Thank goodness Sobe, the lizard, was out of his log so I didn't have to lure him up to catch the bugs. How did this happen to my life?

Saturday, May 2, 2009

SPRING!!! and a Man and his boat

I started doing season pictures from my front window in the fall and lucked out today because it's a perfect spring day with rain and sun.

These are my peas that I planted as close to St. Patricks day as I could.

I have a few pretty tulips in the front with red in the yellow tulips.

My neighbor always has a beautiful yard and has wonderful tulips in her flower beds.

There are actually more to the tops of this mountain than you can see. It's topped with clouds.

Now to the man with his boat. It's finished!!!
It took about 6 months and he worked on it hours a day. It's been very time intensive but he's done a great job on it and it's beautiful. He's not even afraid to put it in the water, in fact he can't wait and still wants to go on a 3 day canoe trip.

Isn't that beautiful craftsmanship?