Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Happy 53rd to D

 This is our birthday man. He still looks and acts young except for the pain in his back that has him flat down in bed some days. It just so happens he got a book for his birthday called "Strengthening your core for 50+" I hope that solves some problems. His favorite dessert is Raspberry Deluxe. It has walnuts and cream cheese so some of our kids don't like it but it seems to disappear rapidly.
 D had early meetings this Sunday plus conducted our Sacrament Meeting and had to stay to figure and deposit charitable donations. It made him soooo tired but since he really just wanted to hold baby e, he was content.
 These are his two beautiful daughters who came to celebrate with us and helped me prepare. I love my daughters.
 I love my Sons too! I only have a picture of one of them and no, this baby is not theirs. She is baby e BUT...they did make an announcement. They plan to have one of their own in October!!!!
We will have three grandbabies! That was the highlite of the birthday celebration.
Happy Birthday D! and hoping we can celebrate many more!