Saturday, August 14, 2010

What's in a name?

I've thought about and talked about names frequently as of late. Mostly because our grandaughter has a very unique name. It doesn't mean anything in particular but goes with the currently trendy names such as Kinsley and Ainsley. Her middle name is the combination of the two Grandmother's middle names Kay and Lynn, thus, KayLynn.
I also have a personal goal in life to let everyone know that Maggie is not meant to be a human name. Many people use it as a dog's name. So many, in fact, that to hear it now it goes quite well with Rover, Spot or even Daisy. A dog doesn't really mind the name so use it if you like it, BUT my name is close enough to Maggie I can tell you I have never liked the name and if you go through the whole alphabet there are many unkind things that rhyme with Maggie. Go ahead and try it. I'll wait....
Or go one step further and use two letters together.
and a whole bunch of other nonsense words that just by their sound are unappealing.
'Nuff said. Friends don't let friends name people Maggie.
It kind of goes along with the return of the old-fashioned names. To that I say "whatever"
Now to the confusion of cross-gender names. You really don't know who (whom?) to expect when you see the names Tracy, Chris or Pat, male or female. If you see it written correctly you have a pretty good idea with names that have a different spelling like Erin or Aaron or Gene and Jean but what about names that used to be male names that have turned into female names like Morgan, Taylor or Devon.
That reminds me of a story. (go ahead, get a snack or a blanket or leave the blog, it's up to you) Last week we were visiting D's brother who has two little neighbor boys. They are both about 4 years old but one happens to be the uncle of the other. This little boys poor mother had a very late in lifer. D commented that they should have named him Isaac. (biblical reference, if you need to look it up.) And I suggested that I would use the name which ever gender it turned out to be and with the current name situation there should be a female spelling for Isaac so I racked my brain (or did I wrack my brain? it seems like it should be wrack. Hmmm) and came up with it
It sounds a lot nicer than it looks on paper but I would do it anyway.
What about your name. Do you like it? Is is appropriately feminine or masculine? What interesting names/spellings have you heard?