Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Here is our Christmas morning. The first picture is all of us after we opened our gifts from Braden. He got us all shirts or jerseys. D's and A's are from the countries where they served their missions. C with his DS (no games included. He's anxious to earn all the money he can to buy games) K with her i-pod (we'll see how long that lasts) She also got a flat iron of her own and is practicing with it. L got her printer so she can print her assignments at home and not have to come here in the middle of the night to use the printer and R&A got a "shirt quilt". The shirt quilts will be on posts in the next few days. D and I got a wheat grinder and bread maker. D is having a blast making bread and we plan to experiment with different grains and seeds.
Our visit with our missionary was great! He sounds so happy and confident. I'm excited to have everyone home for the holidays next year. I never did get Christmas cards out so this may be the extent of it. I love my friends and family and I love Christmas time and the music that helps me reflect on Christ and his life and my love for him. I hope yours was great!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Spirit

YAY! We are ready for Christmas!
Tuesday we had our salon party here. Since I've been working a lot Daren did the final cleaning. For all of you that come to my house you realize that a cleared off China hutch means there's a party! The amazing thing is that it has stayed clear all week! Our tree is OK not my favorite but I had a hard time getting to it this year. The wooden ornament is my souvenir from the Redwoods. I did a whole angel tree last year. I have LOTS of different angel ornaments. I should count them. I have baked Pumpkin cake roll, Special K Bars and today Pumpkin cookies with cream cheese icing. It's an easier version of cake roll without rolling it.
Today was our Christmas program in Sacrament Meeting. I LOVE it. I love to sing and our music selections were wonderful. I was sad when it was over. I realized I had no Messiah on my i-pod and I have the CD so I did that today along with some Mannheim Steamroller.
I think all the shopping is done. We have one major gift that ended up being a last minute decision. I has been shipped and should arrive on Dec. 24. How's that for cutting it close. I'm not to concerned even if it doesn't get here. I'd just as soon give the kid a lump of coal but of course when we decided to do that last gift I had to get something else for the other kid to even things up. Grrr.
I had a great plan for Primary music today and was left with less than 10 minutes so after wrapping a box 6 times with song titles on a card on every layer I brought the box home. Maybe a family home evening lesson. Hmm
I've tried not to get bogged down with the stuff. In fact for the first time I didn't get Christmas cards out. Christ was still born and lived and atoned for us with or without cards. In one of the talks given today the speaker asked instead of being ready for Christmas, are we ready for Christ. I like that. Whatever the case may be-I love Christmas and I'm ready!
Merry Christmas to all of you!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Week of Christmas

We had quite a fun weekend. Thursday we went to an Enrichment night dinner for all adults so Daren and I got to go alone and have a really nice dinner. I worked till 7 so we got there late but were in time for the food! Friday night we went to see Jon Schmidt! He is so entertaining. It was at Kingbury hall in Salt Lake. His 7-yr-old daughter sang Where are You Christmas. It was so sweet. He is really funny too. I tried to down-load a video and couldn't even get close to figuring out how so if you don't know who he is find him on Youtube. Little K went to respite so D and CJ had the day alone while I worked. Saturday we had an old Jerusalem Christmas party. The gym was decorated like an old market place with tents connected. Each tent had a different part of the meal and the water came from "well". The meal was pita sandwiches and fruit. It was good. Lots of work for that poor committee. That's why the ones I did were usually pretty easy. Sunday night we went to visit D's parents in Logan. We took them their Christmas goodies so they will have something to unwrap. Tuesday is my work party HERE. I actually suggested that. Now it seems dumb. Tomorrow will be spent cleaning and preparing. I have a lot to do. I love this part of Christmas I just don't want to work through it and I don't even have a day off this week. Eeeek! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wednesdays word

I haven't done this for a while but I ran accross the word "Adroit". Not unknown but not common so here it is:
adroit - quick or skillful or adept in action or thought; "an exceptionally adroit pianist"; "an adroit technician"; "his adroit replies to hecklers won him many followers"; "an adroit negotiator"
Some of it's synonyms are: masterful, nimble, adept, proficient and clever.
A cool word but doesn't ever pop into my head.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Our Missionary

This is all for now. More later!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Response to Joni's Awesome tributes!

Here is a little response to all the wonderful tributes Joni did on her blog. Thanks Joni, we love you!

Weston says:
what I admire: Joni has a wonderful way with words. I love to read her blog and her short stories. She's also very talented musically and I love to hear her sing. I love her enthusiasm and fun attitude.

favorite memories: when Joni was a baby I loved to hold her and let her sleep in my arms. As a toddler, she was a great subject for my photography because she was so darn cute! On Margie's wedding day I went to Cedar City after being away for a few weeks. Joni came running to great me and she had big curls in her hair and a beautiful new dress. She looked so mature for a 4-year old that I almost didn't recognize her. She was also very beautiful on my wedding day and was very excited about helping wherever she could.
Joni, I am amazed at your insight into the personalities of your loved ones and your writing skills. The tributes are well done and appropriate. Thanks for using your talents in an uplifting way. - Shirley-
Joni is always straight forward in her expressions which,I think, is part of the reason she's so good at putting these profiles into words. She is a loving family member and friend and will not let differences of opinion stand in the way of maintaining a good relationship with ANYONE. She is a very loving mother and always responds to her children in a loving way. She uses good judgment in the discipline of her children and they always know that she loves them. She also shows her love for Daren freely and there's no way that he couldn't know that he means the world to her. And since Daren was not on her list of profiles, I think it's fitting to put in a tribute to him as well. Joni has always said that he's the perfect man for her and I agree. There's no one else that I can even imagine who would be as selfless and helpful as he is in Joni's times of need. He's a very patient and loving father as well - not to mention a very able and devoted member of the work force - whatever the job might be. He is devoted to his religious convictions and never says no to an assignment or responsibility. I, frankly, am amazed at his ability to keep it all going and be a pleasant person to associate with besides. He and Joni are a great team and I am thankful for, and proud of them both. Love Mom
Margie says:
Wow, we all know how thoughtful Joni is by concentrating on others to keep herself occupied at what she knew would be a trying time. She serves willingly and loves unconditionally. I loved carrying her around when she was little. I was amazed by her talents in singing and dancing and loved attending her shows once we moved back to Utah and have loved spending time with her as sisters now that we are adults. She has a very creative knack and does fabulous scrapbook pages. Her imitations of kids and situations always makes me laugh. She’s just fun to be with. Thanks Joni!
Sandra Says:
Joni is awesome. Her sense of humor is so compatible with mine (and everyone else, I assume). She cracks me up whenever we're together and we can just laugh and laugh. She's also very good to talk to when you need a listening ear. She truly listens with her heart and you can feel that she cares. She has a very good sense of people's essence and can pinpoint exact feelings in herself and others. That is something I've always been amazed by because often I don't know how to identify my own feelings. Besides all that, she is a talented singer, writer, crafter, and a good mom. I'm happy to call her my sister.
Ronda says:
I can't believe this talented woman is my full sister who I helped name. I remember shedding tears of joy whenever I have had the rare opportunity to see her perform. I am surprised that she would be surprised that I would travel to see her performances. I have been so excited every day to seewhat she wrote on her blog. I am so amazed at how she can be so spot-on with her evaluations of her family members. I didn't realize she really knew me as well as she does which is especially impressive because we have never been able to spend much time together. And she has such a cute family. What a successful woman!
Hey y'all, it's not too late. I'll add yours in when I get it.