Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wha? Two months? Really?

OK, First let me be the first to congratulate myself on getting right to the Thanksgiving blog post and showing off Sista J's amazing hosting skills and cute kids to boot. BUT (and it's a big one!) The last two months have really slipped through my fingers. I'm not a big fan of January and I find myself enduring rather than being productive. While I have done all of this (snuggling with Baby E) as possible.

There has been way too much of this going on:

I have managed to get around to this:

I am notoriously NOT a decorator but my lovely daughter helped me make the word HOME in big letters on the shelf above the doorway in our living room so by getting the letters L and V and repapering them I now have my Valentine decoration up. Ok, there's more but I really don't like the old ones I have so I'm working on something new.
I've been trying to get to this:

This is one finished quilt block that my sisters and I worked on while we were together. I should have it done, put together and all quilted up but refer to the beginning of this post. But, hey, did you catch the point about ALL my sisters being together? That has never happened before with just the girls and Mom. We had a great time and since the girls from the midwest were here we saw a little of this:

Yeah, these two are 32 days apart in age but from birth have been 6 inches apart from birth but since the growth spurt of last year this is now the distance between the two. If I did nothing but blog I would go into detail about these two and their exploits. Oh My!

But, yes, we all got together and on a cold blustery day we braved the icy roads and went to the Salt Lake temple and trudged on to the JSMB and enjoyed a wonderful early dinner at the Garden Restaurant complete with fried dill pickles. don't knock it till you try it. We stayed up late that night and the next night was New Years Eve. We had our traditional German Chocolate cake and observed my favorite tradition and went to bed early. Really, I'm no fun late at night. On new years we ate and sewed and watched movies and laughed. We planned another get-together and made memories. I love my sisters and enjoy getting together with them and can't wait to do it again.

As you might have guessed they came a day early and we had a salon day where they got their hair done. That was fun too.