Sunday, May 30, 2010


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FAVORITE OLDEST DAUGHTER!She's got a cute man and they are going to have cute baby soon!

We love to hang out and like doing the same things.

She loves her Dad and he does a lot for her.

She loves her sister!!!
This Wednesday was a big day for
the second daughter!

(notice the belly on the older one. yeah, I'm gonna be a Grandma!)

All the guesses were in

And the friends were here!

(see the baby belly?)

Friends and Family had arrived for the "reading"

She got a letter from the prophet and wanted to share it with all these people.

It was a very big deal!

L has been called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the London, England Mission!!! She will report to the MTC in Preston England October 1!
We are so proud of her.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Store It!

I read a blog recently that wasn't about food storage but about organizing.
This cute girl was organizing her pantry. It was nice and only a little better than mine but smaller. She was giddy over her storage feeling very blessed to have so much food in the house. Not to be outdone!!!!! I did my own comparison. This is enough to keep us going for a long time.The bottom section of the above picture is food storage cans two deep, labeled!
My storage room downstairs has ALL the staples: And emergency equipment!
I have a cold storage room with MANY cans of beans, rice, wheat, oats, milk, sugar and flour.
One wall has flour, oil, condiments, veggies, tuna, cake and brownie mixes, boxed pasta and stuffing, soup and a plastic box with chocolate chips and brown sugar.
We have enough brownie mixes to give the whole neighborhood a sugar high for a month!
The other side of the aisle has bottled fruit, jams and jellies and a variety of drinks.
We have not one box less than TWENTY boxes of hot chocolate packages and I still go berserk when my kids drink it. It's a special treat! I hoard the stuff but wont let anyone drink it, unless it's especially cold, or a special day or a very special treat. WACKY!
I'm sure we would last a very long time. If I by chance have a reader that has never had a prophet of God tell them to get a years supply of food they might think us a little eccentric. This is the best insurance policy I have ever purchased and I use everything we store. I even learned how to make sweetened condensed milk out of powdered milk! I am officially smart!
If times get bad we're eating better! (we might be allowed a cup of hot chocolate ; ) )
So Sara (blogger) I may not be super organized, don't judge me, but I have a lot of very delicious and very useful food and emergency supplies.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fire, Fire, Fire!

Ok, so I know college students are not known for their cleaning skills but really, this is what B's apartment looked like yesterday! This is the new sky light in his hallway. Unfortunately it doesn't meet building codes nor would it protect from cold Cache Valley weather.
The stairs were a mess as well. But, I think those boots belong to a professional. I think he's enforcing evacuation.
B Just moved into his new apartment. The bed had bedbugs so he had to get the mattress swapped and got a plastic sheet to protect him from existing conditions. He had just settled in and had roommates he liked and former roommates and friends next door. He decided not to go camping with them because he was going 4-wheeling with his Dad, brother and Grandpa so he sat home alone watching a movie in his shorts and no shoes. The fire alarm went off next door but upon walking out onto the balcony the alarm sounded distant so he gave it no more thought. The apartment manager took it seriously and entered the apartment but realized the fire extinguisher was not enough and told Braden to call 911 and evacuate the building. Of course, his shoes were upstairs and he wasn't going up for them. By the time the firemen got done there was insulation on everything including his bed.
The fire started in his neighbors bathroom ceiling. One of the guys left the bathroom fan on and it overheated and started a fire in the attic (third floor). This was actually the neighbors bathroom with the offending blackened fan on the toilet. Imagine retrieving your things out of this mess. They all did.
This is the new ventilated ceiling in B's hallway next to his bedroom.
And some charred trusses.
Last week he was homeless because he had to be out of Old Farm on Saturday and couldn't move into this place until Monday. He was there 4 nights. 20 units, all evacuated, only 2 were uninhabitable. Of course, his is one.
The ironic thing is that he got hired at a new job as a bank teller that requires a week of training in Salt Lake so he was going to spend a week with a friend there.
This weekend has been spent washing EVERYTHING that could absorb smoke. The washer and dryer has run constantly for 24 hours. B doesn't know where he is going to live but right now he needs to concentrate on starting a new job. If he gets desperate he can stay with Grandparents or Aunt and Uncle. It's good to have options.