Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our house 2010

So L is gone. A month ago she was here, on her last group trip down Cataract Canyon with her other guide friends. A great farewell trip. This is where she is today, somewhere near Preston England in or around the MTC. In a few short hours she will be headed to London in a van with 10 other missionaries.
During that two weeks that she was home we had to finish her preparations and have a BIG farewell party following her opportunity to speak on a gospel subject prior to leaving on a mission. See previous post. On September 30 we had to get her to the airport to fly off to England:

So, in two weeks she went from a river guide to a missionary. BUT since she is gone and really has been for a couple of years, we've been doing some remodeling. First D took her room apart.
and where the door was supposed to go discovered a vent pipe from the bathroom downstairs which greatly complicated this project.
This is what the hallway looked like before demolition. Because of the pipe the door couldn't go directly into the front room so we had to sacrifice a major portion of our huge hall closet and make a diagonal facing door. D pulled up the carpet, laid hardwood, repainted, stained the floor and hung a new door.
We have very little decorating done but I love the colors.
This room is what one would have considered a conservatory. It has the piano, keyboard and guitar. It will have more seating and bookshelves.....eventually.
needs pictures. The perfect ones currently hang above our bed, they are moving.
So the house has more character now with our angled door next to our very small linen/hall closet.
But check out this beautiful rug! I was leaning toward a couple of plain ones when D spotted this. It matches perfectly and looks like it was woven with our bedroom pictures in mind.
AND, since we have been having family events at our house and usually do and never have enough comfortable seating:
We finally got a sectional in our front room. We replaced the Burgundy carpet but still need to replace the curtains. The furniture is not my favorite but after two years of looking, we were both satisfied enough that we are happy with it.
yeah, a super comfy chaise lounge.
Now there is room for all the teenagers that USED TO hang out at our house. It's still great for family gatherings so COME GATHER!