Monday, April 1, 2013

Finished project

I finally finished a project I began nearly two years ago. It wasn't even that large of a project. First of all I had to get nine different fat quarters that coordinated. That took a suprisingly long time but I enjoyed it. I ended up getting some that didn't coordinate as well so I could probably do another quilt with all I had left. The cutting and arranging is also pretty fun. I saw this in the fabric store a couple of years ago and even shelled out the $$ for the pattern. The one they had done for display was beautiful, the one on the pattern picture, not at all. I should include that picture, hideous. Anyway, loving the fall colors as I do I picked browns, tan, cream and rust. I love the way it turned out and I really love the randomness of the blocks. I was surprised how many times I just screwed this one up. It seemed so easy and I thought I had cut them right but I had to add a couple of half inch pieces to some blocks to make them fit, dumb. Oh well, I love it now.

Then to the quilting itself. I don't do very well machine quilting on my regular sewing machine and I didn't really want a close stitch like you get with a machine quilter even though I have a friend that owes me one quilting job. I just wanted a loose daisy pattern and once again I love it.
It looks great in my living room or my family room. (I must really like these colors)
and it's just a throw size so it's a little bigger than a baby quilt. I can be seen dragging this around with me to watch tv or read a book so it can be found in any room. Did I mention a nap? I really love it for that. I'm excited to finish the others I have started.

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Joni said...

Looks fantastic!